Volume 2, Number 2:68-110;2015
American Journal of Digestive Disease

Yongxin Chen, Nicolas M Lopez-Hisijos, Haiyan Chen, Neelima Valluru, Xianzhong Ding: Adult onset nesidioblastosis after gastric bypass surgery, a clinical and pathologic review. Am J Digest Dis 2015;2(2):68-75. (Abstract AJDD0017998, Full text, PDF).

Liang Huang: Immunotherapy with immunomodulatory antibody for hepatocellular carcinoma. Am J Digest Dis 2015;2(2):76-89. (Abstract AJDD0015964, Full text, PDF).

Xuefeng Zhang, Lei Zhao, Cynthia D Guy, Shannon J McCall, Diana M Cardona, Rebecca A Burbridge, Katherine S Garman, M Stanley Branch, Uzma D Siddiqui, Shuyuan Xiao, Irving Waxman, John Hart: Delayed specimen collection may artifactually damage the mucosal surface in endoscopic mucosal resection specimens from Barrett’s esophagus. Am J Digest Dis 2015;2(2):90-94. (Abstract AJDD0015270, Full text, PDF).

Suleiman Al Hammadi, Abdul-Kader Souid: Calcineurin inhibitors suppress intestinal cellular respiration. Am J Digest Dis 2015;2(2):95-99. (Abstract AJDD0018889, Full text, PDF).

Chun-Hui Yi, Lan-Jing Zhang: Mastocytosis involving rectum: a case report and literature review. Am J Digest Dis 2015;2(2):100-105. (Abstract AJDD0020191, Full text, PDF).

Rebecca E Waters, Atin Agarwal, Dongfeng Tan: A case report of cytomegalovirus-induced colitis with colonic perforation. Am J Digest Dis 2015;2(2):106-110. (Abstract AJDD0021374, Full text, PDF).